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Just got back from house sitting and finally got my scanner back! Feels good! So without further more, lets bring on the next Myth!

I give you the Legendary Vampire!!! We are in a vampire craze with True Blood, and Twilight, but Vampires have fascinated the minds of many long before that. For mine I did go for more of the urban modern day vampire, I was thinking of doing some crazy looking bat creature but I thought this is more believable.

Shot out to my boy James Lee Stone right now in his gallery he as put together a bunch of poses up for grabs for anyone to use. I told him I would support him and do a piece up in one of his poses, and well here you go! Original pose you can see here: [link]

Hope y’all likes!!

– Josh



  1. I don’t know if you’ve been watching True Blood — but that looks like Bill Compton from the show.

    • Oh really? Sweet! Nah haven’t watching it yet, but it is on my list to eventually watch!

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