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Hey gang!

So here to tell ya the next awesome commission is done!! This is Gerald Boney’s original character. I actually really had fun with this guy! He was a challenge at first but then I remember turning on the jets and him just coming together on my paper! But as always the true beauty came when Kendrick Tu threw his colors down! I mean look at those colors!!! LOOK!!! Are you looking?? Amazing!

Colors: Kendrick Tu
Pencils: Me



  1. Awesome dude. The first time I saw this, I thought it was Shaft with a sword. WITH A SWORD!!!

    • Hahaha! He reminds me of Shaft too!! Thanks man!!!

  2. I saw Arlo today and we caught up for a moment. He said you were well, and drawing up a storm.
    I am so pleased to think that you are still following your dream and talent.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Mrs. Kate

    • Hey Kate!!! Glad you stopped by the blog! It is a pretty simple blog, but it does the trick. I hope your doing well!! I miss ya!!

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