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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Hey everyone

Though you might like to see Cap. Quebec! He is a commish for the awesome Eric Very fun character to work on! And as always Kay-too improved the lines ten folds with his colors! Please let me know what you think!

Thanks everyone!

Colors: Kendrick Tu
Lines: Me

So I decided to show another sneak peek. This is time it is the line art for the charity commission of Black Canary for Elyssa. Stay tuned for the colors to come =)

Hey gang!

I after a bit of a talk with my friend Felipe C. we decided to show you a sneek peek of the line art for the epic Lost kids piece that Kendirck Tu and I are working on!! This piece was nothing but a ton of fun! Can’t wait for the monster colors Ken is gonna do for this one! Gonna be amazing!!

Lost kids owned by: Felipe C.
Amazing colors to come by: Kendrick Tu
Lines by: Me

Hey gang!

Finally got around to finishing the colors on the Killer Croc! I really am happy with the way he turned out! The great inks by Meek really helped the colors come, but yeah would love to know how you all feel on the piece, so please let me know =)

Also decided to show you a transition of the piece from start to finish check it out below!

Thanks gang!

– Josh