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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Whazzz up peeps!!!

Sooo, woke up this morning to the sight of this bad boy!!! How can you not like the feel of these colors! Crazy awesome!! This was a great three way colab!! And this has now really inspired to my Darksiders tribute finished already!! Haha it will be done by the end of the week!

Hope y’all likes!!!

Colors: Okan
Inks: Meek
Lines: Me

Hey gang,

So I got this bad boy in my Email when I got home from work and I was in AWWWW!!! The inks make this guy sing!! I am still floored by how this came out!! Freaking amazing!! If anyone has interest in color it just let me know. I would love to see what y’all do =)

Thanks guys! Let me know what you think =)

– Josh

Inks by: Meek

Drawn by: Me

What’s up gang!

So I got a message from the awesome Okan asking if he could color this bad boy up, and, in utter excitement I sent him the lines. a couple days later(yesterday) I see I have an e mail from my friend, and when I opened it I was in WOW!! Man look at this! I love the painterly look! This piece came AMAZING!! Very great guys! Head over to his site and tell him just how awesome he is! =)

Thanks everyone =)

Original OC: Mike Henry
Colors: Okan
Lines: me

Hey gang!

This past weekend was CRAZY! The Seahawks with a outstanding victory over the former world champs!! AND, the run heard around the world!! Marshawn Lynch’s HUGE touchdown run to seal the deal! I got the honor of being at the game, and let me tell you if you haven’t ever been to Qwest Field during a Seahawks game you are truly missing out. No stadium is louder, and no fans are better!!

In honor of all that took place I had to make a special tribute to the greatest run I have ever seen, and one of the greatest running backs, Marshawn Lynch!!! AKA BEAST MODE!!! Truly amazing!!

I really hopes you guys likes! Oh I should mention I did reference an old pose slightly that Dapper Dan had to help me get the feel right! Thanks Dan O!!

Inks: Meek
Lines, and colors: me

Hey gang! My first piece of the new year! I decided to show you one of the concept drawings I did for an upcoming tribute piece to the Amazing game, Darksiders! This is just one of five concept pieces of War I did. The final tribute is still to come! And if that isn’t cool enough, the piece, once I am finished with the lines will be colored by the uber talented MSpicer So stay tuned!!!

Hope you guys likes!

Thanks everyone!

– Josh