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how i feel and the things going on!

So this past weekend was something of legend, although now looking at it, the greatness that was Labor Day weekend is probably one of those “you had to be there” things for you to understand the awesomeness, but with that said I was still like to tell you in a somewhat condensed, PGish way the awesome weekend that was Labor Day!

The weekend all started off as most weekends do, with two good friends getting off work and trying to meet up for a drink. My good friend Stevie and I have become some what of regulars at a local bar in town called the Market Arms, there we have a great bat tender and friend that we enjoy the company by the name of Jennie, and we were in somewhat of anticipation for another great night at this establishment, but before we got to the door a dilemma hit as Stevie soon realized he hadn’t brought his ID, and there was no way the door man was going to allow us to enter. Stevie and I both puzzled on what to do next realized that not to long ago we became some what memorable at a bar down the street and if by chance that same bar tender was there, and by chance there was no door man we may indeed be able to save a night of drinking . With determination, and one hell of a good parking spot we were able to make it to the bar and see there was no door man. We quickly walked into the bar and to are delight saw the same bar tender as the previous time, but would she remember us? Thoughts were going on in my head on what we would do if she were to card us, where would we go? Would this be the night? That was a thought I was dreading even thinking about, but before we were even able to sit on the stool the bar tender turned around and instantly smiled. With a somewhat happy tone in her voice she welcomed us back to the bar, and was eager to have us sit and have a drink! We completed the mission! It was a great feat for the both of us.

As we sat at the bar we looked at each other and realized we weren’t sure what we wanted to drink. This whole time all we cared about was finding away in, but not what we would consume after we got in, and before you know it the question came, I believe it was asked something like “So, what will you guys be having?” But without  missing a beat Stevie gave a great reply. Stevie said ” I want a masculine drink that isn’t a beer or a shot, but as to be refreshing and delightful.” The bar tender looked at him and smiled, it was almost the same smile the evil queen made in Snow white made when she was brewing her poison. To create this concoction she even had to have the bar back go down to cellar and grab some special drink that wasn’t even in the assortment of alcohols at her current disposal. It was a good few minutes before the bar back made it back, but once we saw him appear we could feel the excitement in our taste buds as it was almost time to indulge on this reward of the night. The Bartender served us to glasses with a purple substance and then twisted lemon into it and said enjoy. Stevie and I look at one another, cheers, smelt, then took a sip of our new found treasure. This drink we had discovered isn’t something you would order when going out with the boys, but if you were just out for a low key night and didn’t want to go to crazy, but wanted something a bit different, this was the drink for you. The only thing left to add this new pleasure into are arsenal of drinks was finding out it’s name, and then we heard it, the Jack Rose! If your not afraid of change and what to try something new I suggest the Jack Rose the next time you are out on the town.

After a decent amount of time at this great establishment Stevie and I had to be off for it was time to get to our next stop. It was Stevie’s sister, Laura’s birthday, and his brother Dexter’s at midnight! They were both at Tulalip Casino, which is the biggest casino in our area, but before we could get there we had to head to Stevie’s other brother, Billy’s house. We stopped off there had a quick beer but nothing more then that before we were off again and on are way to the self proclaiming number one place for fun.

The final hours of the night were spent as they should be, with close friends, and family together celebrating, and gambling are savings away. I can’t think of any huge loses or wins in the end, but more just us together having a great time.

Yes, the first day of this adventurous weekend was something memorable but it was truly nothing compared to what was to come…

Hey everyone,

Alright, well, I am going to try to sum up the last few amazing days. I had some wonderful times with great friends, and with out further or do here we go!

It all started late Thursday night. I flew into SFO international airport at about 11:00pm. Just two carry on bags in my hand I was ready for the task a head. Once I landed I called one of my closest friends Gerald and let him know I had arrived, and he let me know he was minutes away from picking me up. He may not admit to this, but his voice sounded just about as excited as mine did! Once he grabbed me we made a stop by Jack in the Box for a late dinner, and headed back his place. by the time we got there we were in such a great conversation we didn’t actually eat are food til almost one in the morning! With cold food in are belly’s and Gerald knowing we had to get up early we decided around two in the morning to hit the hay!

Friday morning, I awoke from my slumber listening to Gerald and his great gal Olivia’s voices talking amongst one another. I got up and got ready. Gerald, Olivia, and I hit the local Starbucks and there when the barista asked fro my name I just had to go with Captain Amazing!!! It was a good laugh , and then Gerald and I went to breakfast whereas Olivia had to head to work! Gerald and I went to a place called Freddies, where I had deep fried french toast for the first time. I have to say it was pretty good!! Finally from there we headed to WonderCon.

The first day of WonderCon was amazing!!! I met and bought Stephen Silvers book! I turned a corner and there I saw Legends of wrestling, Honky Tonk Man, Virgil, and one of the Bushwhackers!! I met and talk to some of my all time fav artists Mark McDonnell, David Coleman, and Alvin Lee!!  I was overwhelmed with booth after booth! Gerald and I stayed until about 5pm, and I got to say as much fun as it was I was beat!!

After the Con we met back up with Olivia and we all went to Dinner. We decided to eat at this great Chinese place!  They kept raving about how good the food was, and it was great, but I am not a guy that can handle spice and all but one dish we got were HELLA SPICY!!!! I was dying!!! Haha but it was very memorable!!

Saturday was day two of the Con. We did the Starbucks thing again before hand and I was Captain Amazing once again! This time they made sure to say it very loud and even with a small clap! Olivia joined Gerald and I this time since it was Saturday and she didn’t have to work. From Starbucks we all ate breakfast and again I decided to have french toast, although this time the french toast was normal! Once finished we drove pretty much to Vallejo to pick up Olivia’s nine year old nephew and together we all went to the con.

Once again the Con was amazing! This time I was buying up tons of things! I went back to Mark and David’s booth and picked up booth of there art books! I saw Jim Kelly the day before, and decided I had to stop by there and grab a signed photo fro him for my pops. I also went back over to Alvin Lee who asked to see some of my work. I showed him and he told me I was there as an artists, and that I just needed to apply! That made me feel great! We chatted it up for a while and then I ended up buying his gnomon  dvd, and he put his signature on it! I also finally got the pleasure of meeting Mike Henry in person! I have chatted him with hi for sometime on deviantart and it was great to meet him in person! The second day day was crazy busy, but it was very fun, but just like the first day when it was time to go I was ready!

From the con we decided to hit a local Pizza joint. It was called Pizza orgazmica or something like that and had crazy names for there pizzas like Doggy style and the wet thighs! While eating we watched the Final Four and the crazy close Butler vs Mich State game! We decided it wasn’t time yet to drop off Olivia’s nephew, and so we went to the legendary lion steps! Man all I can say is there HECKA TIRING!!

Sunday comes and well, we didn’t go to Starbucks! It was pouring down rain, windy and cold as hell! But we still had a great time! We did some Sight seeing! They took me to some Military Barracks and many different great kodak moment spots! But unfortunately we had to cut it kinda short for it was Easter, and we had plans to eat with Olivia’s mother, sister, and her nephew, we ended up going to another Chinese restaurant and ate some good food. we didn’t seem to stay with them long, and before you know it we were off again! we drove to Napa, but it was SOOOO RAINY we decided a driving tour was good enough and that we should just have a chill day at the house and watch movies, and we did! I finally got to See The Princess and the Frog! It was great!!! I really enjoyed it!

Monday the final day! Gerald and I decided to head to Starbucks once again! We hung out for a bit and and all of a sudden him and I notice a car pull up and park, Gerald and I looking toward the car began to realize that it was just anyone coming out of the vehicle, but one of the most inspiring people in my life George Lucas!!!!  I couldn’t believe it!! Gerald and I quickly went outside while Mr. Lucas was ordering his drink, from there we waited. When George looked over at me I could already tell he knew I knew who he was! I asked him nicely for his autograph and while he was doing it Gerald snapped a few photos of the two of us!  I thanked Mr. Lucas many times and then we were off! Fro there on I couldn’t stop talking about how I met him!! I still can’t believe it!!

After Lucas( haha) I packed my bags and threw them in the car! We went to another surprise which was the brand new Walt Disney Family Museum! It was GREAT!! I kinda regret not buying something from the gift shop but I know I will be back! It reminded me kinda of One Mans Dream over at Disney World but more! It was very good. From there Gerald showed me where he once worked when he was in the movie biz, and then we spent some time over at ILM! Once all that was over we ended my trip at a nice bar and grill with Olivia’s friends! They were all great and we were all cracking one another up! It was so much fun I almost missed my flight home! They were actually saying my name over the intercom and waiting for me to board! Haha

This was SUCH A GREAT TRIP!!! I really thank Gerald and Olivia for showing me such great hospitality! I can not express my thanks enough! This whole trip has inspired me to continue with the path I am currently on, and really has rejuvenated me to try harder and work longer! Man this was just such a great trip!..

Now here are some pictures!!

Captain Amazing!

Stephen Silvers and Myself

Lion Steps( Only Half)

I am just for the birds

George Lucas and I chopping it up!!!!!

George signing my sketchbook

Gerald and I in Front of the Walt Disney Family Museum

I hope you all enjoyed the story and pics!!!

– Josh

Dan Aykroyd

First a for most I want to give a huge thank you and shout out to the awesome Dapper Dan for totally allowing me to reference his work. Thanks man!

So if you have not heard Dan Aykroyd is doing a world tour promoting his new vodka check it out here: [link] and yesterday he came to my great city of Seattle! Waiting in line to meet him was totally worth it for he is AWESOME! I bought a bottle of his drink he signed it. He took a look at my piece of artwork thanked me for it and signed the photocopy I made of it for me to keep! I told him I couldn’t wait for Ghost Busters 3 and he politely responded “working on it!” It was a rather quick meeting but a good one! I suggest everyone checking what he has to sell out and meeting him if you ever get the chance!

ufc poster

Hey everyone! I just wanted to post up the poster design I did for the UFC 100 party I’m having with some friends. I have been into the UFC for a bit now and am very excited about the three card main event there going to have! I hope you enjoy the poster as much as I enjoyed making it!

Thanks y’all

– Josh


I am so sorry to those who have been awaiting my posts! When my computer crashed and it crashed HARD!!!! BUT, I’m back!..

This is King Thoron! He is a dark king with a lust for power. He is in a little story I have been working on for sometime! As the story progresses you will see more of the characters emerge here on the blog!

I hope I haven’t lost all of my fellow subscribers, and once again I am back and ready to take on the blog world again to the fullest! Watch out blog world here I come!..     again…   Haha

– Josh

My computer is down. I don’t think I will get it fixed til after the holidays, but thank you for continuing your support and I will be updating to my fullest ASAP!

Sorry for the hold up

– Josh

So this super secret project that just got underway is looking to turn heads!! I was able to get some concept art of the main character and post it up here.

The First Three sheet you will see are concepts I made, and the last one is a great design made by Gerald de Dios. This project is turning out to be pretty awesome! I can’t give to much away but judging by the name I think its pretty obvious that he is going to be a piece of luggage.

I’ll try to update those who are interested, but Frosty Giant Production wants to keep this kinda secret for now!

luggage concepts

ronnie_embark_concepts 1

ronnie_embark_concepts 2


So another installment of my past visit to San Francisco. While stopping at at Industrial Lights and Magic (ILM) Gerald and I got to drawing in the lobby, and after about an hour or so of illustrating. I got a pretty nice page lay ed out. let me know what you think!

A great time it was. I hadn’t stuck to character that much for sometime. I was surprised on how quick I could respond to some of the comments.

Thanks Joseph for the invite it was real fun!

There was a lot of really kick ass costumes, and I even got a kiss from a few of the ladies! I never knew The joker had  that much power!

– Josh

Here is a revision from Gerald, just putting in some Darker lines and changing little things.