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Wow! This a good movie!

This was a movie I really came in thinking could be really cheesy, but JJ Abrams did an outstanding job! The cast and crew were amazing with a great story to back them up. I swear I sat down in the full theater the movie started and it felt like a flash and it was done! I looked over at my friend and before I could say it he says “It’s done already?” We both look down at our watches and realize two hours of amazement had already passed us by, but we knew we were thirsty for more!

I strongly tell you to get off your butts and sit them in a theater playing this film! I can’t wait for the next one!

– Josh



Sorry for the Delay I actually saw this movie a few days ago, but I just now have had enough time post it up!

Wolverine was bad ass! It would have gotten and “A” but I am one of those who hates it when comic book movies don’t follow the comic book, and this one sort of did but at the same time didn’t at all!

I think most of the characters played there roles very well, I do have to say though it is very hard to take Ryan Reynolds serious in any role, all I ever think about is Van Wilder when I see him in a movie!

Hugh Jackman was great as always and so were the remaining other characters, but another thing I didn’t like was how different Striker and Sabertooth were from the original movies. I know its suppose to be the past and everything but I think they could have done it a bit better to have them fit more.

I say go see the movie sit back and enjoy it! The story is great, and there are little things here and there that you will love.

Good film!

– Josh



Alright so this movie went from okay to bad then from bad to worse! It had so many little things were and there by the time everything came together you felt so lost, confused, and well kinda alone (If you watch the movie you will know what I’m talking about).

I like Nick Cage and think he is a brilliant actor, and in know way believe he was at fault for the disappointment I felt for the movie. I more think the way they set up the movie was poor, and then the ending of the movie came and while the visual effects were very good it didn’t make the film any better.

I apologize now if this critique offends anyone but I’m just saying what I felt about the movie. I wouldn’t see it again, and think there would be a better choices to make when heading to the box office!



This movie was awesome! It was quite funny and had some very good  animation!

I got to see it in 3D at the IMAX and I have to say if you have the chance to watch it that way its worth the extra buck or two!

I found that I really felt for the characters in this movie, more so then I would have thought! I don’t want to give away the movie because I strongly suggest you go out and see it, but I’ll tell you that you’re going to find yourself getting attached to these characters.


– Josh

movie poster


Wow! This movie had it all! SEX, MURDER, MYSTERY, THRILLS, and CHILLS!!! I do think every comic lover should see this movie. The movie was a bit graphic for thoughs with light stomaches, but to me it shows you what the other comic movie don’t. It went more in depth of what can really happen to a cape crusader.

Why give it a “B-“? The movie was just to long, and it seemed really long to get the point across that they wanted to get. I understand the reasoning behind why it took so long, They had to get the characters established then the story can be developed, then they have the back story to understand why the story is what it is(sorry if that was confusing), so for each scene having to do this chain of events makes a movie kinda run slow, and so thats why I give it a B-!

All in all I really did like the movie, and recommend seeing it! But understand there is alot of really graphic scenes and alot of sex, so its rated R for a reason!

Enjoy the movie!

– Josh

Four Christmases Poster


HILARIOUS! That is the sum of what this movie is! I was nonstop laughing all through this movie. Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon really got it together in this soon to be holiday classic.

Vince Vaughn is already one of my favorite actors, and after saying that I am sure people may be saying okay then Josh you are being bias, but to me if I like the actor then I am going to be more critical to them that’s just how I am.

Why the “B+” instead of an “A” then, well, I don’t think I would purchase this on DVD and if I consider the movie an “A” then I am telling you this is a good buy in my opinion! Haha

Once again this movie was great! GO SEE IT!


Haha I just love this peice I did!! Nothing I really want to write about it just that I think its awesome! I hope you guys like!

– Josh

The greatest animation production company Frosty Giant Productions

Bolt Movie PosterA

This movie was AWESOME!!! First off I got to give credit to the animators. The really made this movie. The split second timing and great attention to detail really made everything so believable!

Disney besides the Pixar movies have had some trouble, but this movie really showed me that Disney still has it. I came into this movie with kinda a low expectation but came out of it SUPER EXCITED!

My Background is in animation, and after watching this great movie I tell you what I wanted to run home and and get to work on my own stuff!

The plot, story, cast and everything was very good. I do however have one slight critique. I don’t know if Miley Cyrus was the best role for her character. It seemed to me her voice almost sounded to old for this character. Miley is sixteen and the character seemed to be more like twelve. It did throw me off at a moment, but then again I was doing some serious analyzing as I do for any animation film.

This movie was great! I say go out and see it! Bring a kid if you can 🙂

So this super secret project that just got underway is looking to turn heads!! I was able to get some concept art of the main character and post it up here.

The First Three sheet you will see are concepts I made, and the last one is a great design made by Gerald de Dios. This project is turning out to be pretty awesome! I can’t give to much away but judging by the name I think its pretty obvious that he is going to be a piece of luggage.

I’ll try to update those who are interested, but Frosty Giant Production wants to keep this kinda secret for now!

luggage concepts

ronnie_embark_concepts 1

ronnie_embark_concepts 2


On my trip to the great Bay Area I got to see a great friend by the name of Gerald De Dios. Together we had one of the grandest times I have ever had! He took me everywhere!, and on my trip to the airport, and back to “the real world” He presented me with a gift!

Pretty much my favorite Villain ever to make the big screen, Darth Vader!! With a great pose and nice colors I love this piece something fierce, and well I thank Gerald for this great gesture!