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Monthly Archives: February 2010

So I had to show this off!!! My man Charles Perry totally hooked me up with this, which I think is one of the most awesomeness logos ever AND it’s for my property called Galaxy Hunters!!!! This is now the logo you shall see as the logo on the upcoming comic. It’s still a bit of a ways away but be prepared for a full round of awesomeness!!!

You can check out even more of his work at:

Please check him out!!!

For more info on Galaxy Hunters click on the [link]

Thanks again Chuck!!

I have been really feeling this character and just keep wanting to go with him! I hope you guys like the adds I have done! I am pretty happy with the way things are turning out for this, but would love to know what y’all think!!

Bastion’s 7 Characters are copyright Sean”Cheeks”Galloway

Let me know what you think!!!

Hey gang!

I have been pretty busy as of late getting things ready for this and that, and well, I decided why not draw up the character to one of the best run cycles I feel I have ever created. See the link here: [link]

I am starting to feel pretty comfortable with Oki, and may have to do up something more to him!

All bastion’s 7 Characters are copyright Sean”Cheeks”Galloway

Creator of B7: Sean Galloway

Oh man so the past two days have been amazing!!!

Two amazing artists surprised me with colors for my main character of Galaxy Hunters “Pain” Wes Franklin!!

Yesterday my boy Mandela Jerome Komba hit me up with his awesome interpretation which you can check out right here [link] Please show him some love. He did a great job!

And then just a few minutes ago the official colorist for Galaxy Hunters Kendirck Tu hit me up with his final which is what you see! I can stop staring at it!! I just love it so!!

Man I feel great right about now!

I really hope y’all likes!! I know I do!!=)

Lines By: Me

Colors by: Kendrick Tu

Finally!!! I finished up the colors on this! This will make a great Logo for are bowling squad I think. Got to add the name still, but thought you guys may like to see the final!

Hit the download button if you want to see full size!

Hopes you all likes!!!

OMG! Right before I went to bed last night I got a message from my boy Kendrick Tu letting me know he finished hooking up the colours for the Ironlad vs Mini Ultraman boards, and when I opened the file I was blown away on how awesome things looked! Man, He did such a great job!

Original Designs by: Cheeks

Pencils by: Me

Colors by: Kendrick Tu

Here is a little run I did to practice with Oki! Hope you all enjoy!!

Bastion’s 7 Characters are Copyright Sean “Cheeks” Galloway

Clone Trooper

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Ahhh Yes!!! The Clone Trooper! Just had to do it! Tried to change up on my usual style a bit. These are just for fun, so I thought why not try different things here and there, well, I hope you like!

inspired by Dax Gordine and Gerald DeDios

Darth Vader

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Can’t not have Vader in series one!!

I decided to create him Chibby style, and I have to say this was my fav to create thus far!

I hope you all likes!

inspired by Dax Gordine and Gerald DeDios