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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Finally getting back to another commission. This was a sketch commission for a great artist!! Def stop by and check out his work!!

This is Trixie, I don’t know to much about her, but I do know she was a blast to draw!! His design was very solid, and so I was really happy to add my Frosty Touch to it!!

I hope you all like what you see!!!

Thanks everyone!!

– Josh

*Ink update*

Back again!

So Kay-too usually just wants tthe piece done in pencil and he will do the colors from there but I really wanted to ink this up, and so while watching some of my fav shows I inked the bad boy!

I think it looks a lot better then just the line art!! Hope y’all likes!!

Man I am So behind in my commissions! I am SO SORRY Everyone!! I am getting there though!

Here is a commission of Thanos! Just the Line art, My buddy Kendrick Tu is the one gonna be colouring up this bad boy! I am pretty happy with the way it came out, although I had to do a lot of adjustments in photoshop for I drew to light and it was hard to see, but I feel after the adjustments the image came back to pretty much the original line art! This pose wasn’t 100% mine either I took some reference from this awesome image here: [link] I feel I changed it enough to almost call my own Hahahaha!

Hope Ya’ll like! I can’t wait for the color job on this!!

Thanks gang!

Hey everyone

So I have started preparing my folio for a potential gig with Disney Imagineering, and so I thought I would post a few pieces here on the blog so I can get some feedback from all you peeps! It would mean a lot to here what you have to say.

This piece here is the line art for a logo design of a fictional Ice Cream Parlor in the fictional Disney park I have been working on.

When I was working for Disney a few years back there was always this whisper in the air of a Villains park to be made in the future. Unfortunately, well, at least as of now it never came to pass, but I thought about how cool the park would be, and since I got this thing coming up why not start designing the park in my own light, and so here is the first of many pieces.

Colors soon to come, and the building in which the sign would go on!

Thanks everyone!

So I HAD to post this up!! This is the EPIC Final piece to the Toy Story art jam that my good pal Kirk Parrish put together! I am really impressed with the way he did this final! If you look hard enough you will find my piece in there! Hit the download button if you want a better view!

So many great artists were involved! I feel just so fortunate I got to be one of them!! Once you stop grueling hit up KParrish and let him know you want in on the next one!!

I hope you all enjoy!!

Hey all!!!

Along time ago in a far away place I told my pal Mike Henry I would do a fan art piece of his awesome character “The Traveler” [link] Finally I have been able to get something done! This is just the line art, but I like where I am going with it! I am going to try to get around to coloring it, but I hopes you likes this for now!!

Hey gang!

So first off I got to tell you this was one of the strangest commission characters I have ever done, but not any sort of bad way just kinda different.

This is for my buddy Sssk76 He gave me a list of traits for the character, and pretty much said have at it!

Now looking at it I feel maybe I coulda done more with the chains, I think if I added more it would’ve maybe gave him more intencity also I hope Sssk76 won’t be to made that he is cut off at the ankles, I like were the drawing was going but I kinda ran out of paper haha. That really doesn’t happen very often.

Allin all I am pretty happy with this piece, and I hope you all are too! Let me know!


Hey gang!

Boy to I have a treat for you all! Here is the final of the Hellboy Comes To Gotham piece!

Kendrick Tu amazes me again with his SUPER AWESOME Color work! But whats more is you if click on this [link] you will get to see an alternate version of the piece with more added to it!!!

It’s gonna knock your socks off!!!

I hope you all’s like!!!

Colours: Kendrick Tu
Lines: me

Wazz up ya’ll!!!!!

In honor of my poll “Who would win??? Batman vs HellBoy”[link] I decided to do up a piece!

The story behind it is Hellboy gets tricked in coming to Gotham to take down a legendary bat creature, not knowing of batman he thinks he is evil he must take down, and thus they get into it! I didn’t really to much in terms of story when I was woking on this, just thought it would be cool to see! Haha

Hope you enjoy!!!

Kendrick Tu colours to come!!!!

– Josh

Hey gang!

Just finished up a commish forĀ Branson R. He has a great superhero squad called The Magnificent Mastersons[link] and I was asked to do my take on the big Bald guy in the back Mig. I love big bald dudes, so Mig was fun to draw up! I really hope you all enjoy!!!

– Josh

Hey y’all!!!

My boy Kendirck Tu just finished the colors on this are next commission piece, Supergirl!!!

This is a commission for a great guy Roberto L.

I really like the stylized vision Kendrick Tu had for the colors. It kinda fits for the stylized design I was going for when I did the lines, but I want to know how you all feel about it, so let me know!

Thanks everyone!

Colors: Kendrick Tu
Lines : Me

– Josh