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Monthly Archives: March 2011

I give you my version of STATIC SHOCK!!! This is the first assignment for :iconskratchjams: and it was a fun one! I didn’t actually know to much about Static Shock and so this was a pretty challenging assignment. The rules for this assignment were besides your scanner you not allowed to use your computer for this piece. That was very difficult for me cuz my scanner isn’t the best, so I did have to do some darkening adjustments so you could see the character. I also did add in the box( I know I know, I am sorry…) Really fun assignment though!

Can’t wait to see what the next one is!

– Josh

Hawkling has decided to join in on the fun =) He is the final hero in the line up! Next line up will be the five villains they face off against, so keep on watching =)

We now have Thor added in to the fun =) having a hard tie thinking of a good name for him(kid wise) Any ideas??

Hey gang!

Wow! Long time! Sorry I haven’t uploaded more this month, been busy, and kinda in a weird state of mind, but now I am back and ready!!

I give you the FIRST three of my Avenger Kids! I have two more heroes coming your way, and five villains. These are just character designs to throw in my folio, I got a story brainstormed out about these guys, but for now I think I am gonna keep it hush hush. Along with the characters will be storyboards also for my folio of the hushed story, but when it all comes together you all shall see =)

I hope you likes Lil Cap, Scarlet Witchlet, and Iron Kid!!

Thanks er body!!

Colors By:Meek
Lines By: Me