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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Bastion 7 vs Darth Frostius color

I was hoping to get this colored a day sooner but I’m happy to be submitting it now! I think I may go back and re work there eyes! Make them glow, they look a little plain in my opinion!

For those of you that don’t know from the last post most of these characters you see are from Bastion’s 7 created by the wolrd class guy Sean Galloway. I thought it would be cool to make a movie type poster with his characters vs my own Darth Frostius! When I go in and re-work the eyes and such I may but in some font’s and logos like in the black and white piece.

I’m pretty happy with this, but I would love some feedback!

Thanks everyone!

– Josh

Bastion 7 vs Darth Frostius

I had a back and forth commenting session with a couple hours ago with the amazing talent Sean Galloway, and from what I saw and what he said to me it really turned on my creative juices! I wanted to do some sort of merger with his characters and mine. So I sat down and thought about it for a minute looking threw my stuff and his, and I decided to make a movie poster type piece with his characters taking on my Darth Frostius! It’s been good fun to create and I have already began to color! Since this is still a rough black and white I didn’t take the time to fix some of the cropping mistakes, but when its done it will look they way it should!

And as Sean would probably say “Hope y’all digs!”


I am really happy with this one! I was sitting at my desk looking at other peoples great art work on DA and it came to me that I don’t draw enough Marvel characters! SoOo I decided to get my Marvel Encyclopedia out, open it, and the first Character I saw I was going to draw! I’m glade it turned out to be Gobby! He is a really fun character to draw!

Hope you all’s like!


Here is the next installment of “The Tournament”!

His name is Beef, and he claims he can give that Elephant by the name of “Tusk” a run for his money!

I had a lot of fun designing this guy! I referenced so many different things and people from Sean Galloway, and Preston Blair, to Zangeif and the great book “The Way of the Warrior”!

Tournament Size sheet

Here is the size comp of the two characters that have been finalized thus far. As I finish each character I will add them into this and be one part closer in releasing the first issue of the comic!

Let me know!

– Josh


This is a little piece I did for a art topic about the Disney/Marvel buy out! This is just a guess of what the Spidey alien costume would due to Mickey haha!

As always please let me know what you think!

– Josh